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    I got ripped off took initial payment and when I went to add another vehicle the office claimed I never was insured by them. So where was my money going because it was taken off my card every month???
    By Jeannie Nabors, March 24, 2018
  • Great place and the people are very helpful also Stan gave me the best quotes and the lowest price that fits my budget. Unlike other State Farm they want so much but he gives you the same grate policy but cheaper then mostly which is very good for me to save more money.. I recommend to everyone
    By Juanisha Montgomery, March 12, 2018
  • Jeremy Shephard was extremely helpful. When I first emailed a number of law offices with questions he was the only one to contact me back and did so the same evening I sent questions. He made time to talk to me early the next morning and then he listened, understood my questions and took the time to patiently answer everything. He gave me detailed and excellent advice. He continued to always make time to answer all my questions and probably charged me much less than he should have for all the time I took. I ask a lot of questions. Jeremy and the whole office of Andersen, Ellis and Shephard are kind, attentive, efficient and thorough in every way. They were a great help to me.
    By Dianna Rivers, March 01, 2018
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    They have bed bugs. Not only that but they lied to our neighbors(who had bed bugs) when they asked if anyone else in the complex did. We had them too and got them from a few apartments over. It's just spreading like wild fire and they don't get professionals to treat the place, they have the maintenance men do it. Also, the office manager isn't in the office when you need her(even during business hours) and closes the office early. So unprofessional. They just put new roofing in and are making the grounds look better but that's only to distract from what's really going on. Cheap but you seriously get what you pay for. Move here at your own risk.
    By Tori Miller, February 17, 2018

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